Word-of-Mouth Marketers Need Breaks Too

Word-of-Mouth Marketers Need Breaks Too

“I don’t know where to start.”

“I’m new at this. I’m not sure where to go.”

“What if my upline leader is too busy?”

These are some thoughts that may go through your head in the beginning. They are legit concerns. However, you don’t have to get paralyzed into inaction. If you find yourself stuck, alone or frustrated, venture online for help. I don’t mean heading over to Google and typing “Network Marketing” and searching through the 240 million results.

Try mixing it up a little.

• Search for topics you love and subscribe to interesting RSS feeds.
• Try reading social networking expert, marketing, advertising and even copywriting blogs.
• Watch YouTube videos that have more than 500,000 views and ask yourself, “Why?”
• Search LinkedIn for groups that interest you.
• Spend some time playing a Facebook game and then make a list of why you think millions of people spend hours a day on them.

The point is to get your brain thinking about marketing from a different perspective so it won’t automatically cripple and shut down when you go to call your leads and other prospects. Set aside a few minutes a day to do this and you will get excited to try some of the things you’re reading and thinking about. Before long, you’ll have a vast store of knowledge and maybe even a growing and excited team that looks up to your unique approach to marketing.

Finally, check out this great post on Mashable, one of my favorite websites on Social Networking trends. It’s a perfect list to get started on the road to building your own unique perspective in the Direct Sales industry.