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“From the earliest stages of our Company, Rodger has provided invaluable consulting and expertise in the way we conduct our business. His in-depth experience in the network marketing and MLM industries allows him instant credibility.

-John Winterholler • President & CEO, Syntek
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“Rodger is great at what he does. Nobody knows more about the business, how to attract great leaders, and how to build a web based network marketing team than Rodger. At XanGo Rodger was a key member of one of the most successful web recruiting campaigns I’ve ever seen. He built an amazing marketing system and was able to successfully transition it from a virtual business to real world checks. In addition he lead the recruiting meetings and built a real world brand around their people. He’s fun to be around and people naturally want to do whatever Rodger is doing. A great leader and friend. Rodger is an advocate for the little guy who might just be getting started in the industry.”

-Kerry Brown • President and Founder at SIX Nutrition – Premium Men’s Health Brand
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“At Ancestry.com/MyFamily.com we shaped the way families connected on the Internet and led by Rodger, we produced stellar marketing programs, an engaging site and a compelling trade show presence that connected families all over the world. In addition to being one of the good guys, Rodger is a contagiously energetic leader, passionate about what he does and possesses the expertise and skills to get the job done.”

-Kelly Morris • MarCom Director, Burton Group
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“The best part of Rodger Smith’s presentation and product is that heunderstands the intricacies of being a network marketer. He wasspeaking my language and has lived through the highs and lows of team building, inspiring others, duplicating yourself and trying to juggle all things as you move to the next level. Since he created his program with this in mind, I am so excited to apply it to my business to assist me in maintaining energy in my team. Keeping a team energized is constant work. I believe that by using Rodger’s program I will be able to start the ball rolling and watch the team energize itself by encouraging contact between members, celebrating the milestones of others wtih the team and more… all while guiding it to a common goal!”

-Elizabeth Balestracci • AVON Representative | www.youravon.com
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“Rodger has been a great visionary and a good example for me. He is always there for his people at all times … a leader that is willing to guide. He is humble but determined to succeed, all while helping others in the process.”

-Ludwig Sanchez • Former Employee of Rodger’s at MyMangosteen.com
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“I got to know Rodger about four years ago when he became my sponsor in Xango. Rodger became my mentor and friend. Anytime I had a question or needed help with my business Rodger was there to help me day or night. He drove many miles to my home often to help me build my business. His business knowledge and people skills are unsurpassed. Anyone who has the chance to work with Rodger Smith is very lucky. Listen to him, he knows his business.”

-Scott Porter • Former Member of Rodger’s Xango Downline

“I have known and worked with Rodger Smith for several years. He is competent and trustworthy. He understands the direct sales industry and sees the importance of distributor information systems from the standpoint of both sales representative and corporate. The best system is the one that becomes invisible, the one that nobody ever thinks about, the one that best supports business transactions and necessary reporting. Rodger’s solutions have certainly been built with these objectives in mind.”

-Dell Brown • Direct Sales and Healthcare Industry Expert (Former COO, Monavie)
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“Hands down the most energetic and personable boss I’ve had. By far the most knowledgeable guy in his field. After being in a meeting with him, you can’t help but want to go out and give your best effort for the client because you know he will do the same. He cares more about his clients than any other person for whom I have worked.”

-Brett Merritt • Content Marketing Editor-in-Chief at AtTask, Inc.
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“Rodger is an online sales and marketing superstar who has lent his business prowess to many successful corporations including Nu Skin, Ancestry.com, Novell, and Big Planet, to name a few. As a co-founder of MyMangosteen.com, he absolutely reinvented marketing for home-based businesses in the MLM industry. He’s a guy you should definitely listen to. I have. And I still do.”

-Ken Forrest • Internet Entrepreneur, kenforrest.com
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“Rodger has the “problem-solving” business down. His recipes focus on results and not just solutions. He has a very good technical background, a keen grasp of go-to-market processes and is a natural when it comes to sales and marketing. I’d work with him again, any day!”

-Brandon Zeuner • Co-founder Venture51, co-founded Republic Project (acq ’13), Founding team Flypaper (acq ’11), Advisor Tony Hawk Fndn
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“Roger created the rocket fuel that launched my record breaking success in XANGO from 2005 to 2007. His marketing website called www.mymangosteen.com keep my momentum going so all I had to do was focus on building teams in city after city through out WI while his system kept them plugged in. “Thanks A Million, Rodger” and I look forward to working with him again.”

-Dan Williquette • President, Consultant, Trainer, and Promoter at Marketwise International Inc.
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“Rodger gets beyond great. In every aspect of managing the channel and partners he seemed to easily accomplish the basics and quickly push the limits past what others thought was possible. One of the best people to work with – period.”

-Thomas Oldroyd • Sr. Director of Marketing at InsideSales.com
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“Rodger has been instrumental in the growth and development of my business. His leadership, inspiration, and extensive knowledge of the market has substantially increased my customer base domestically and internationally. One of his many assets is his down to earth “straight talk” approach to any business concept without the sales pitch cliché. I believe that Rodger can lead your team into any business venture andcreate massive success.”

-Jose Figueroa • Former U.S. Marine | www.redfruit.com